Dreaming of…ways to make more work for myself


1. I obviously am not busy enough already.

2. I am a complete klutz so what follows is pretty much inevitable.

Basically this was going to be a sewing related post, but then I dropped my lip balm over the bannisters and on to a very fragile and handmade (not by me) bowl. Meaning I didn’t have time to finish the dress I was working on today.

Obviously – as my luck would have it, the bowl shattered into approximately 14 gazillion pieces (or 14 maybe) and I of course burst into tears (not even much of an exaggeration). It wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m always breaking things – and they’re always the one of a kind, handmade items that I love.

So I set about fixing it. I tried hot glue gun, but it dried too quickly so I moved on to E600. This worked well, but meant that I had to hold each piece in place for at least 3 minutes. And in doing that I also kept gluing my fingers to the bowl.

This got a bit frustrating, so, eventually, when I was left with this much hole and only these tiny pieces to fill it in with, I took the executive decision to patch it up with a fabric flower.





It looks a tad random, but now it’s back in the hall and hopefully no-one will be looking too closely, I think I can put up with it.




Perhaps I should up my house insurance just in case I try to use lip balm again in the near future!

10 thoughts on “Dreaming of…ways to make more work for myself

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  2. Oh goodness me! This is such a cautionary tale for me, because I am forever leaving things on the 4 inch square post at the top of the stairs! I tend to bring things upstairs that I don’t mean to (because I’m trying to do three things at once!) and leave them on the bannister post to take back downstairs again. I get told off quite frequently for it (and rightly so!). Things have fallen, and thankly not broken anything, but I have a gorgeous glass lamp on the hall table which is in the line of fire. It’s quite sturdy, but I would be devastated if it broke. Your bowl is beautiful; I would have cried too if I broke it, and I think you did a brilliant job in fixing it.

  3. That’s a really beautiful bowl! I totally agree with the comment above about adding a few more flowers.
    It’s a great idea for a fix!
    It’s a good thing my brother never broke as many things as I did, we wouldn’t have had any Christmas decorations left if he did!

  4. I think the bowl turned out great for having to put it back together! I would maybe try and find some more flowers to decorate the edge, just to make it seem more intentional. However, it really is a beautiful bowl and I would love to have that in my own home!

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