Dreaming of…what to wear to walk around waterfalls

Of course, most of you might suggest sensible footwear (tick), a waterproof coat (tick) and some sturdy trousers (ah).

Now herein lies the problem. Apart from PJs, which I do live in the majority of time, I don’t actually own any trousers.

So, on a recent walk around the beautiful waterfalls near Neath, I decided to go down a different path (not to the waterfalls – I took the safe and designated path to them! But to the general consensus on sensible walking wear!) Yes, I was equipped for a safe walk on slippery, rough terrain – in fact, over the years I feel that I have perfected the ‘handmade walking outfit for the lady who has no trousers’ (obviously my new tagline). I had on my walking shoes and thick sturdy tights to avoid scrapes, my walking coat and thin layers underneath – you want to be able to regulate your temperature / dry off sweat quickly (tmi?)

Then it comes to the lack of trousers situation. Basically you need a long enough skirt to cover your behind when striding up hills, but not too long to get caught in any undergrowth, slim enough to not blow around, but not too slim to restrict you and obviously – it needs to blend in with your environment.*

I took the safe route of wearing a purple coat in case I got lost / someone mistook me for a tree…




but decided to play a risky game as I got warmer and removed this element of high visibility wear.

Is there anyone there?

Is there anyone there?


As you can see – pretty much chameleon camouflage going on here.



Oh good, there I am again!


Of course, this is one of my more flattering and classy items and I just knew you’d want to share it.

I hope I’ve excited you all to the elegant way one can dress to walk around some waterfalls!

P.S – we walked under a waterfall. The following photo shows the sheer terror I felt standing on a slippery surface next to the huge drop into the churning water. My track record for balance / grace is not that great!


*none of these are actual rules for appropriate walking wear. Please consult the experts if you’re unsure!


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