Dreaming of…ladylike bows

I’m just going to put it out there straight away. I think this is possibly my favourite dress that I’ve ever made. More than any of the last times I’ve said that!



It’s an exact copy of one on my pinterest board (I’m not sure whether that infringes copyright? I actually panicked before posting this thinking that I might get sued and googled it and I don’t think it’s copyright, but if you know better then maybe let me know?!) Anyway, aside from that stress, I LOVE this dress.

I love the colour, I love the fit, I LOVE the bow, I love the lining, I love the length, I love the zip.

I think you get it, I’m rather fond of this dress!

The smug look says it all!

The smug look says it all!


Construction wise I used New Look 6143 for the bodice block. I cut a size 12, but had to take a big wedge out of the centre back and then a further 2cm from each side of the CB seam. Any tips on why that is? I’ve always thought I have broad shoulders, but the wedge I took out was wider at the top, tapering down towards the small of the back, which surely implies that my upper back is narrower?


I used my french curve to get a gentle v and cut the biggest size for the sleeves so that I could pleat them.



I lined the bodice of the dress, but left the skirt. The fabric is a wool blend, which I always find itchy by my skin, so I wanted cotton on the bodice. I’m planning to wear the dress either with a petticoat or tights (or both) so I didn’t mind the skirt being unlined. Plus I didn’t want to be too hot in it.


A while ago my mum gave me this lovely off white cotton with subtle details. I didn’t have much of it, but I knew it would make lovely binding and the bow for this dress. All in all I probably made about 10m of the binding, which I used around the neckline, sleeves (twice, because I messed it up once) and the whole hem. It was a labour of love ironing all of that out and then sewing it on, but I think it was worth it!



Overall I love the fit of this dress. I think the back bodice is possibly an inch too long and I know it looks like it’s straining a bit (perhaps I did take out too much), but it feels perfect when on so I think it might be the way I’m standing.

I love the sturdiness and design of a metal zip!

I love the sturdiness and design of a metal zip!

Taking these photos was lots of fun. I tried climbing the tree. I did not succeed.







So I stood on the roots instead – much safer next to the ground!


I also styled it up with as many bows as I could find – always fun!

Wet hair, but I was too excited to take photos to dry it properly!

Wet hair, but I was too excited to take photos to dry it properly!

This dress feels so ladylike and vintage inspired – now I just need to find somewhere to wear it!


41 thoughts on “Dreaming of…ladylike bows

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  4. Beautifully done! Love the colours and fit! I have that pattern and will have to remember to check the fit of the back. I have decided that they are wide in the back because a lot of people don’t stand up straight and it gives space for people to hunch their shoulders. Does that make sense?

  5. Oh my gosh
    This is definitely my favorite dress you’ve sewn that I’ve seen so far!
    It’s so gorgeous, it looks AMAZING on you!
    The photographs look absolutely stunning as well!
    So jealous 🙂
    Have you taken it off since finishing it? I don’t think I would… I would just wear it forever!

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