Dreaming of…simple skirts

This post has made me realise 2 things…

1. I shouldn’t promise to show things ‘soon’ when I’m so busy during the week. (I took photos of this skirt over a week ago and have worn it at least twice, but actually finding the time to sit down and write about it is a completely different matter!)

2. I need to get my fringe cut!!!

Anywho, I made this skirt in little more than a few hours. It’s a simple half circle shape, which I split into thirds to make the panels on the front and the back.


A while ago now, my mum gave me some organic cottons that she was clearing out. Lots of the pieces are quite small, but straight away I knew what I wanted to use them for. I made this skirt over 2 years ago now (where did that time go??!) and I still wear it loads.

The waistband on the original is a bit big now and the hem is unravelling a bit, but as it’s such a staple, I wanted to add a few more to my collection.

I started with this version. The middle panel is organic cotton from my mum and the outer panels are some navy blue gabardine I managed to pick up for £3 a metre (and I still have loads left)!




This skirt used up all the pink striped cotton, but I still have some other shades so I may well make a similar skirt with the stripes on the outside and navy in the middle.

Once I’d cut the panels it was a very simple process of sewing them together, adding a fairly narrow waistband, sewing in a zip and hemming. Simples.



Next time, I’ll tack together the lapped zip before sewing so that it doesn’t move around too much.


I hope you like the end product and the next promise is that I will have my fringe cut by the time I see you next (or failing that, I’ll at least pin it out of my eyes!)


15 thoughts on “Dreaming of…simple skirts

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  2. I love your choice of colors – really cool! I know what you mean about wearing something before you’ve written about it. I’m new to blogging, and still having trouble remembering to take photos and post about things I’ve worn several times.
    I really enjoy reading your blog – thanks!

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