Dreaming of…shapes outside my comfort zone

As the title of this post suggests, this skirt is slightly out of the norm for me. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my usual preferred skirt shape is much fuller i.e. covers all the lumps and bumps. I do love a pencil skirt on other people though, so I thought I’d have a go for myself.


I’m not entirely convinced that it’s the most flattering shape on me – there’s certainly nowhere to hide all the cake I want to eat! However, I think it’s good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, even if that’s to reaffirm the shapes that suit you!



As a matter of fact, this skirt is another remake from a vintage garment in Martin’s grandma’s suitcase.


The jacket was tacked together, but unfinished, so I just took out the long stitches and creatively places my pattern pieces on the bits I could salvage. Hence the lack of pattern matching. I made version A of New Look 6917, which went together very simply.



The only change I would make if I was to make this skirt again, would be to change the way I faced the waistband. This time I faced it with the same fabric, which turned out to be a bit thick and bulky. I think it would have had a much neater finish if I’d used cotton as the facing.

I love all the little details on this design and I used a lapped zipper to make it a bit neater.




Here’s a slightly more casual way to wear it – it makes my legs look rather stubby, but it feels more relaxed.




22 thoughts on “Dreaming of…shapes outside my comfort zone

  1. This is such a beautiful skirt! I don’t know why you think the style doesn’t suit you, because it totally does. I admire your fitting skills!

  2. Hi Lara! Thanks for commenting on my blog, otherwise I may not have found yours! This skirt is great and I love that you re purposed the fabric. In my opinion, I think this shape looks great on you.

  3. It’s very pretty on you. Like you, I don’t usually wear pencil skirts. For me, it might be something to do with not being entirely comfortable with tucking my top in! I love that you managed to up-cycle the fabric too.

  4. I love this shape on you! I think it is flattering on you, I am glad you made something you are not used to wearing. Such gorgeous fabric it’s so pretty and feminine.

  5. This is a coincidence as am wearing a stretch pencil skirt I found in a charity shop today. Fot similar reasons to you trying out shapes am less comfortable with. I find it hard to pair tops with this and many fitted tops.
    Love the colour! And pattern. Think top looks more flattering tucked in.
    I generally find tops that fit with any skirts is hard as can cut you in half and make you (as in me) look dumpy xxx

  6. This is too cute! I dislike my legs so I tend to wear longer and fuller skirts. I have been considering a pencil skirt for me and yours looks great! Perhaps I should give it a try. You did a great job fitting this skirt!

  7. Wow, this skirt is so pretty! I always sew garments with prints (don’t know why!), but I would have never thought about sewing a skirt with a bright blue lacy fabric. Seriously, this is lovely and the details with the pockets are making this skirt perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ Wear it and be proud, it’s fantastic!!

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