Dreaming of…getting back in the game!

Fair warning here; I think a few weeks away from blogging may have made me a bit rusty in the old posting department, so please forgive me if any of this doesn’t make any sense!

Very simply, to explain my unexplained absence… I’ve been very busy! Part of that busy-ness has been sewing, but no time to photograph, so I will update you soon!

Anyway, one of the pieces I’ve made over the last few weeks is this Deer and Doe Sureau dress. In fact, I made 2 at once. My thought process went something like this…
“Hmm, I don’t want to line this dress and I can’t be bothered to make a muslin, so why not risk 2 pieces of lovely fabric and cut out 2 dresses at once and just hope it fits!”

I think the sewing gods were on my side because (SPOILER ALERT) it seems to fit pretty perfectly.






I had about 1.5m of this soft cotton, so I had to go for a minimalist version of the dress. Sleeveless, no collar and a rather slim skirt. And I love most of it, although I was very conscious of the skirt length all day. I do have a long strip of this fabric left so I may add an extension panel at the bottom. What do you think?


A few minor details….
I hate facings so I used bias binding around the neckline and armholes.
I wasn’t sure about the gathers in this fabric so I pleated it instead – I had to keep checking they were lined up PERFECTLY!
I cut 2 of the fake plackets so that I could line the inside one.


I used some vintage buttons from my stash and vintage fabric I bought a few months ago and have been saving for the perfect project, so all in all a great stash busting effort!



This is without a doubt the most invisible zip I’ve sewn. I actually followed all the tips that say you should press the zip first. Tips that I’ve previously thought wouldn’t make any difference. And lo and behold it worked like a charm!


And last, but not least – I liked my hair when we took these photos so I got a snap of that too!


And yes, you may have guessed it. I will be showing you a second sureau in the near future!


17 thoughts on “Dreaming of…getting back in the game!

  1. Gorgeous dress and pictures!! I must confess that muslins are not a part of my sewing vocabulary unless I am sewing for someone else.

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  3. It’s perfectly balanced IMO. I think, making it longer would make it a great dress a little ordinary. It doesn’t strike me as short whatsoever.
    Great photos by the way. Love the wild flower and tree back drops. The colours are popping out of the screen. Have you done anything differently?

  4. This is gorgeous! I say yes to adding a bit at the hem if it would make you feel more comfortable, although I think the length is great. I also love your renegade attitude to cutting out!!

  5. I think I have the same thought process every time and barely ever make muslins. I’m way too lazy! This one turned out great though, looks really well fitted 🙂

  6. Such a gogeous Sureau version! You make me want to make this pattern, now! Those pleats look lovely – clever idea! And I agree with the others: perfect length. Personally, I wouldn’t make it any longer; slightly above knee + no sleeves = lofty, ballanced look! Very chic. Looking forward to the other version.

  7. Wow, I thought the fabric was a really nice Blue also! The length doesn’t look too short unless you live in a really cold climate and you plan on wearing it this winter; otherwise, lengthening it would make it look equally nice I’m sure.

    • Thank you. The fabric is such a soft black that it looks that lovely blue in photos. I think that’s why I like it so much as I don’t really wear black ever. And no, Wales isn’t particularly cold, just wet, so I think I’ll leave the length then!

  8. Not too short at all. Nice job as always! And lucky you it firs so perfectly. I have a Sureau in my UFO pile, I no muslin and big problems….
    Those buttons are so sweet. Can’t wait to see your other projects.

  9. Hello, I wouldn’t worry about the length, I think it is lovely. And that zip really is invisible. You can’t go wrong with a navy & white sprigg print. Can’t wait to see the second dress. I shall have to have a look at that pattern. I Spent a lovely hour in Butterfly fabrics yesterday, just going through the pattern books trying to find something easy for my first dress make (something easy that will suit my short legs & curved bits!!) take care x

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