Dreaming of…a dress that goes with every belt

Last week Martin and I went on a mini UK tour to the north of England. As part of this trip, we visited his Grandma, who just happened to give me a literal suitcase full of fabric. What could I do? I couldn’t sit back and watch it get thrown away could I?! So I grudgingly gleefully took it off her hands.



The first thing I did when I got home was to wash all the fabric on a hot wash. It had been sitting in a cupboard for years and years and I figured that it didn’t matter if I ruined anything as I didn’t know what was in there and it was all going to be thrown away anyway.

Luckily it all came out fine and there were even some completed handmade garments in there. How exciting.

This next dress is one of them.






It actually fit pretty well to start, but I didn’t like the sleeves or the neckline.

So I altered them. I planned it out and it was actually a pretty simple up-cyle.



I extended the darts right up to the shoulders so they look more like princess seams now

I extended the darts right up to the shoulders so they look more like princess seams now

Fixed up the hem

Fixed up the hem

There were a few tweaks I made in the fit and I had to fix up some loose stitching in the hem and the seams, but it was a great project to complete in a few hours.









I then tried it on and tried to decide how to style it to take photos – imagine my surprise when it matched nearly every belt in my wardrobe…

belts galore

…such a versatile dress and you all know how much I love a belt!!

Eyes peeled for future up cycles from the suitcase!

11 thoughts on “Dreaming of…a dress that goes with every belt

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  3. What a lovely job on bringing new life back into that dress! The fit on you was lovely from the beginning but I think the changes definitely suit you a little bit better. It’s super casual and fun. Great job! And also, great find in the luggage full of fabric– I can imagine it’s like a little treasure trove!

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  5. Wowsers! What a suitcase full of loveliness! That dress looks like it was made for you, and I absolutely love the fabric print. I’ll look forward to seeing what else was in the case.

  6. Beautiful transformation – i love how you made the darts look like princess seams. This dress so so freaking cute and perfect on you, it’s like it was just waiting for you to work your magic on it.

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