Dreaming of … a time when it will stop raining long enough to feel safe venturing outside to take photos (although not accounting for the wind). AKA the British summer!

The weather around these parts (yes I’m British so I will start the majority of my posts with weather comments) is crazy. Literally torrential rain and thunder and lightening one minute and bright sunshine the next.

I’ve made quite a couple of dresses this summer, but what with the weather and the lack of anywhere interesting to take photos, I just haven’t got round to blogging about them.

Fear not though, I braved the weather today. It was a tad chilly and rather windy and I have a very painful chest infection (cue the violins), but I knew you’d appreciate my bravery – in fact I had to have a 4 hour nap this afternoon to recover!

Anyway, this dress follows the same principle as the last shirt dress I showed you. The only difference being that I used a shirt that I made. It’s one of the only things I’ve ever made for Martin and you can read the full, sad story of it here. Unfortunately he never wore it, so rather than letting good fabric go to waste, I commandeered it for my own gains!


I actually prefer the first shirt dress I made. This one is rather 70s for my liking. I think it’s a combination of the fabric choices and the square neckline.





I really like the shape of the skirt. It’s a pleated half circle skirt, with a slightly lower hem at the back. This wasn’t hugely intentional though and means that I actually find the front of the skirt a bit too short.






It’s not my favourite dress, but I think with tights it will make a good dress for school in the winter. Also, I don’t really understand why the buttons gape on the front as the bodice is actually a bit loose. I’ve taken to using a safety pin by the bust, but I might add some hook and eyes between the buttons on the bodice.


On a positive note though; if I ever need to dress up as a land girl, I think I have my outfit sorted – what do you think?


14 thoughts on “Dreaming of … a time when it will stop raining long enough to feel safe venturing outside to take photos (although not accounting for the wind). AKA the British summer!

  1. What a clever idea, I would never have thought of doing this with a shirt! I know what you mean about the weather – we went away for 2 weeks, came back with a pile of dirty washing about the size of a small bungalow and the rain lashing down! Haven’t forgotten about having a lesson with you – I shall check my diary & get in touch. Take care.

  2. I love it! Both these shirt dresses you’ve made like this are so clever & I really like the fabric combination in this one. I agree, this will also look really nice with tights in the winter.

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