Dreaming of…home improvements

During the holidays, in fact pretty much all the time, I like to optimise my productivity levels 🙂 Sounds formal doesn’t it. Basically I like ticking things off lists!

I’ve built up quite a collection of frames recently and whilst having a sort out of my wardrobes (first thing ticked off the list!) I found a box of cards and prints that I’d been meaning to frame.

Fast forward an hour or so and I had selected the images to use. I always find this the most time consuming part as there’s so much choice and I want to make sure they all go together. I knew that I wanted to hang the plates and as there was already some gold on the wall and I had a tester pot of Annie Sloane chalk paint in a matching teal colour, I decided that gold and teal would be the main colours. This helped considerably when choosing what to frame.


I started by painting some of the frames with the teal paint – I love this paint – no sanding, no priming, just one coat and it even painted well on the smaller frame at the bottom of the wall, which was a glass mirror.


I then made mounts to fit the frames and the pictures and to tie them all together with a bit of black. In doing this I added black and white into the mix of colours, but I still think it works nicely together.


After that it was straight onto hanging the frames. Most gallery wall recommendations suggest planning your layout before hanging, but as I already had 2 pictures on the wall, I just started from those and spaced out the next layer of pics by eyeballing what looked right.


I kept going until I was happy that the wall was nicely filled. A very easy project and a lovely way to update and personalise my sewing room…another thing ticked off my list!



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