Dreaming of…a good title for this post

And I just can’t think of one, so you’re left with the above!

This is a rather brief post. I’ve been doing lots of making for others recently, some commissions and some sewing for friends. This post is a combination of both… a commission for a friend.

My friend, Sarah, recently asked me to make her a dress with floaty sleeves similar to a floral one I’d just sold in my Etsy shop.

We came up with a design and changed some of the shapes and features from the original dress.


After looking through all of my fabrics, she decided on this very silky navy bird print (which you may recognise from this dress). I also used the mustard / gold fabric as the lining for the dress – which also served the dual purpose of acting as a muslin.



The main thing Sarah wanted to keep was the circular floaty sleeves so I drafted some new shapes for these. They were very simple to make, but I love the effect they give to the movement in the dress!




I finished the dress by slipstitching the lining to the bodice. The fabric is so floaty that some of the tiny stitches can be seen, but I think it’s better than seeing a line of harsh machine sewing and I think Sarah agrees.


I hope you agree it looks lovely on her – now we have to think of lots of events for her to wear it to!








Ok, that’s enough photos – hope you’re all enjoying the sun. I’m making the most of it and trying to get plenty of sewing done at the same time. Watch this space for some exciting makes soon!


7 thoughts on “Dreaming of…a good title for this post

  1. What a lovely frock – well done you! I am sitting here unpicking a skirt zip that is bending like a banana ! Am hoping to come to St Fagans for a mooch on Saturday. Apologies in advance for any gushing fan girl behaviour!

    • Thank you – I shall look forward to meeting you, with or without gushing lol. Have you sewn each side of the zip separately or all in one go? Sometimes I find it helps to sew each side separately and then close up the seam under it afterwards! x

      • Thank you – I just did a plain centred zip – think it is partly the fabric – a stripey seersucker, it’s a bit light. Been yarn bombing with Calon Yarns this morning – keep an eye on Twitter & FB etc !

      • Thank you for asking, I have taken the zip out, and will give the seams a good press & start again, probably tomorrow evening when all my boys are out at cricket & I can spend some (rare!) quality time with my sewing machine! The yarn bombing was great fun! We met down there at 6.30 this morning to assemble. I knitted countless squares for the shorts – my crochet is so slow I didn’t bother trying granny squares! It’s really colourful. My sons call it vandalising with wool! With any luck I may be wearing the zip – and skirt – on Saturday! Best wishes Sara

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