Dreaming of… vintage transformations and their affinity with Pimms.

Panic over, I’m back. After a very busy week…I have another busy week, but managed to fit in some simple makes and even got around to photographing one of them so that my crazed fans lovely followers won’t be too worried about where I’ve disappeared to!

You may remember this dress, which I wanted to make into something more wearable.


I drew some sketches and knew that I had to choose something with relatively small pieces as the original dress is slim. I painstakingly unpicked every single seam in order to get the most out of the fabric and ended up with a large pile of blue fabric and a sea of bright threads!

As you will see in this post, the whole process of remaking this dress went very well with a glass of Pimms in the sun. Right from unpicking at the start, to posing later on!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I started by making this very simple Colette Sorbetto top with an inverted, open pleat and self bound edges. I used the skirt panels to make the top, and had to sew the back panels back together to be able to fit the back bodice in.




Unfortunately, when I tried it on, the pleat pulled open a bit so I wasn’t too keen on wearing it.

Luckily, it fit my beautiful friend Nicola perfectly, so on a sultry summers eve in her garden (with Pimms, bbq and chickens as an added bonus), I happily passed it on to a good home, and took some photos in the process.

garden and chckens

food and drinkDSC07171








And that’s all folks.

Oo apart from – look at Nicola’s pretty nails…


Oo again – what should I make with the rest of the fabric? I need something that either uses small pieces, or where I can subtly piece together small bits! Any ideas welcome!


8 thoughts on “Dreaming of… vintage transformations and their affinity with Pimms.

  1. What a great top, and beautiful fabric. Glad it found a new home , and your friend’s toes a fab! That glass of Pinks looks delicious. I haven’t had Pimms for ages, not since the time my friend made it with 50% Pimms and 50% lemonade. That was a night to forget!!

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