Dreaming of…dress holy grails

2 in 1

And here she is…does she fit the criteria of being a holy grail?
Well yes.
1. She is reversible.
2. She is a Cambie. (Which we all know is my knew FAVOURITE pattern).


I told you last week that wax print Cambie was desperate to be featured on le blog, but I can let you know now that the only way I could get her to wait all week, was to reassure her that she was always my first choice (and therefore closest to my Cambie filled heart). After that she settled down and agreed to wait her turn. She did get rather envious when compliments about border print Cambie filtered through to her ears, but she has learnt to accept that she shouldn’t compete with the other dresses in the wardrobe as they are all beautiful in their own way. “Plus – I want some nice sunny weather for photos too!” She eventually conceded and agreed that patience was the best idea.



Ahem, and after all that, she was happy to be photographed on a sunny Sunday in the garden.




There isn’t much more to say about my love for the Cambie that I didn’t say in the previous Cambie post. The only difference I made with this version was to take it in a little more, pull down the straps / sleeves even tighter, and put in a reversible zip.



I love making reversible dresses – I think it’s because I’m cheap and want to get my moneys worth as much as possible from each dress. Why make a pretty lining when no-one is going to see it? Much better to make a pretty lining that is functional!

I’m pretty impressed that in Sally’s stashbusting challenge, I have now used 3 big pieces from my hoard!

Wax print is pleased too – she had been sitting on my shelf for well over a year and being made into a Cambie has given her a true purpose in life. Now she can’t wait to be worn out for real. I’ve promised her a starring role at my staff do in a couple of weeks and she seems excited about that!

You may have noticed that Striped Cambie has been a quiet character. She doesn’t seem to realise how crucial she is to the story – I think she wins an award for best supporting role – and here she is, ready to claim her prize!


The reversible zip is rather bold in this version, but I think it looks quite modern, especially when combined with dark accessories.



I think the combination of the half circle wax print skirt and the pleated striped skirt, gives the dress some lovely shape and structure. I took great care to line up the centre front stripes on the bodice and the skirt, although I decided to make it almost a reverse image to break up the print a little bit.


Do you ever make reversible items? And do those items ‘speak’ to you and niggle away until you’re guilted into posing and then posting about them? Or are you strong enough to not let them dictate your life? If so my friends, I envy you your freedom and courage! πŸ™‚


41 thoughts on “Dreaming of…dress holy grails

  1. Hi, did you make any alterations to attach the 1/2 circle skirt to the bodice? It’s hard to see the waist seam with the belt on.
    Love the dress!!

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  3. OMG I AM IN LOOOOOOOVE with your dress! Reversible Cambie?! Perfect idea! The fabrics are marvelous, and I find myself eager to have a striped version of my own!

  4. I love both sides of the dress, but the wax print makes your waste look especially tiny, this dress is so flattering OMG! The stripes are so pretty and the way you have styled it to match the black zipper looks so chic (love those shoes). I have seen so many Cambies, but yours just made me ask myself why I haven’t bought this pattern.

    • Thank you. I think it might be a magic pattern! The shoes were a VERY graciously received gift and I have since got rid of lots of other heels as these 2 pairs go with everything. You should definitely buy it, I think it’s such a versatile pattern

  5. Wowsers. This is a special one! Can’t decide which I prefer. I love love love the way you’ve made the pattern match up so beautifully. Especially the swirls trickling down the zip in the blue version! It’s perfect.
    You’re getting my sewing nerves jangling again! I’m feeling inspired. Be warned! And be afraid… Lol x

    • Thanks Fi! I just cut the back on the fold and then cut down the fold so that the pattern kind of matches – doesn’t work with a small print though as obviously it moves in when you add the zip. Lol – you can’t scare me, I think that would be fab! xxx

  6. Love the blue fabric Lara,it really complements the style of the dress. Really love the fabrics you use, where do you find them?

  7. Great idea! I must admit when I made my Cambie it looked good enough on the inside to wear inside out, although I never did. I think I like the stripy version best: I’d never have thought of using it for a Cambie but it works really well, especially with the pleated skirt.

    • Wow! Lovely frock – I like them both equally (so as not to upset either!) The stripes work so well. Are you running the sewing course at Calon Yarns next week? – I am away so can’t do that one – are you planning any other workshops or courses ? Am slowly reading backwards through your blog and loving it all – you and Dolly Clackett have inspired me to get my machine out again!

      • Wow, what a lovely comment, thanks! I am running it next weekend and no more arranged through Calon Yarns this summer, but I’m very happy to arrange a course around a date that suits you if you want. Email me if you’re interested and we can sort something out. In fact, there are more details about classes in the classes page on the blog!

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