Dreaming of…vintage silk and potential remakes


and isn’t she a beaut! Here’s where I start wishing I was 20 sizes smaller though!

Last time, I showed you a dress, which I had already remade, from my Grandma’s ball gown collection.

Today, I’m here with a beautiful silk dress that belonged to my mum. My grandpa bought the silk in Hong Kong and they had the dress made up in Bath. I would imagine that she looked stunning in it!

There is some beautiful pleating on the shoulders, DSC06509DSC06515DSC06517

a handpicked zip

and all the insides are hand stitched, including what I think looks like hand zig zagged edges on the inside seams and the most invisible hem I’ve ever seen!

She’s passed it on to me now in case I want to do something with it – and here’s where you come in. What should I remake this into? It’s far too small to reuse the top as it is and I really want to make some clothing, but I’m not sure what I could fit out of it. What would you do? Luckily there is also a jacket to give a bit of extra fabric.



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