Dreaming of…chocolate and presents

This post is a little late, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. It’s all about my lovely Easter and the beautiful gift my mum made me. Just wait until you see it!

Just to whet your appetite though – here are some other beauties…


Don’t worry, I have lots of brothers – these were’t all for me.

Especially as the pile kept growing!


And because I’d wanted to use my new hand held mixer, and just in case there wasn’t enough chocolate (!!!) I also made a meringue.


Needless to say I still have a cupboard full of chocolate, but I’m not complaining!

But anyway, chocolate and sugar aside, here’s the main attraction of this post. The sculpture my Mum made me.


I’ve mentioned her work before, but this is so perfect for a sewer that I had to share it again.


As you can see, my Mum is an incredibly talented artist. She has been self-employed working in creative arts for years and years now – all at the same time as raising myself and my four brothers. Over the last couple of years she has moved into making these paverpol sculptures. You can see more of them on her website where I’m sure you’ll fall in love. They all have their own life and vitality and are so personal.


Mine even has shoes like me!


We’re still trying to decide where she should live, I want to put her in the best possible light, so I keep moving her around. Hopefully soon we’ll find a permanent home!


And in the meantime, you can see some of my other favourites here, here and here. Hope you all had a lovely Easter too.


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