Experimenting with paint

Experimenting with paint…’woah’ I hear you say. ‘Is that your way of suggesting that this is ANOTHER canvas?’ Why yes, dear readers, it is.

Just a short and sweet post about our latest painting. We needed a canvas for our guest bedroom (where the bedding and curtains are purple and the wall is grey).

First we covered the base in purple….FAR too bright man!


Next we used mini pipettes to drip lots of blues, greys and purples all over the board.


After about 30 minutes of looking at what we’d achieved we realised we didn’t like it. So we scraped off all the paint. (This pretty much involved pushing it off the side of the canvas and refilling a paint pot with a now sludgy grey mix of all the colours.)

Once we had contemplated our next move, we went back at it with the pipettes, this time using a more cohesive palette.


We left it to dry for a day or so – it’s a LOT of paint.

And finally we carried it out to the garage to dry fully. In doing so, we inadvertently tilted the canvas, making the paint run down as it still wasn’t dry. We liked the effect so that’s how we stood it to dry off.


It did take a few more days to dry completely, but it definitely looks lovely now in the guest bedroom. What do you think?


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