The devil’s in the detail

Last weekend I updated this skirt. As you can see I made it about a year and a half ago and I have worn it quite regularly since. Admittedly this has mostly been as part of my school wardrobe aka my ‘not quite good enough to be worn in public clothes’. This was mostly because I used too much fabric in the first place, meaning the pleats were too full for quite a thick fabric. I also sewed down part of one of the pleats into the button placket, but not intentionally. It looked so messy, I’m not sure why I let it become a wearable piece, but anyway, I did.

And then I had a revelation. I can sew. There was plenty of fabric to play with here. So I did.
I cut away the waistband and made it smaller and narrower.
Chopped off the centre front on both sides by about 3 inches – this included the buttons and button placket.
Used some bias binding as a facing for the new button placket (it was thinner and less bulky than the skirt fabric).
Reattached the waistband to the skirt.
And finally sewed some new buttons and buttonholes.


This was the best bit because I got to use these beautiful handmade buttons that were gifted to me.


I love changing buttons on clothing to give garments a fresh look.


I didn’t even need to re-hem the skirt as it was already done! Wahoo, such a quick fix and yet I now feel like I have a completely new skirt.


Does anyone else keep wearing items that aren’t quite right just because they’re too lazy / preoccupied to fix them? Or is it just me?


5 thoughts on “The devil’s in the detail

  1. Shw’mae Lara
    Thanks for a great class tonight. Your blog is terrific – reading this chap here ( is what got me interested in sewing a couple of weeks ago, but you’re giving him a run for his money. See you next week,

    (After seeing the title of your blog, I now see why you got excited about Carol’s comments about Anne of Green Gables…!)


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