The big wide business world


Right, now I don’t want anyone to be worrying about my lack of sewing around here. It may not look like I’m up to much, but some how this year has kicked off to a great start in my Etsy shop, which has kept me busy with orders.

I’m so excited that I can share my latest commission with you. I really enjoy designing and making things for others. It means I get to sew and create new pieces, but I don’t need to buy a bigger house to fit in all my clothes.

The design stages

The design stages

Lining / Mulsin

Lining / Mulsin

The fabric

The fabric

This dress was a custom design and make and I have to say I loved it so much it was hard to send it across the world. Luckily she loves it too so at least I know it’s gone to a good home!



2 thoughts on “The big wide business world

  1. Happy for you on your Etsy success. I love the dress you posted. Was it for you or a customer. Excellent work on the invisible zipper. Also is the dressed lined? Just wondering.

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