Teaching and Learning

With the return of the wonderful Sewing Bee to our screens, I have no doubt that there is going to be another burst of sewing and dressmaking enthusiasts.

And I LOVE that. So much so that I want to foster and nurture that enthusiasm wherever I can.

I hope that this blog goes some way towards that, but I am also doing much more actual sewing and dressmaking teaching in the next few months.

I kicked off this years sewing fun with a rather informal class involving 2 of my gorgeous friends.


Nicola and Sarah came over for a Saturday of sewing, tea and biscuits and I think I can safely say that fun was had by all. Nicola was less confident (although unnecessarily so) with her skills so opted to make a cushion cover, while Sarah (who has her own machine and has dabbled with many home projects) was keen to make something wearable. I directed her towards the notorious Colette Sorbetto top. It’s so versatile and such a good beginners piece and she executed it perfectly. Even with a slippery little bugger of a fabric.


I absolutely love teaching sewing and seeing the moment when it clicks that those pieces of fabric will become something so pretty.


Speaking of which, I am organising some sewing classes run entirely by myself. These will be full day (Saturday) courses where you can bring a pattern or project that you are working on and would like help with. Alternatively you can request a particular dressmaking skill that you would like to learn. If this appeals to anyone out there, please email me and I can book a venue on an available date. Hopefully we can get the world (ok is that overambitious?) back to learning all those fantastic and worthwhile skills. Check out my courses page for more information about my classes.

In addition, I am running some sewing classes from a local craft and wool shop in Cardiff. There will be a course on following a commercial dress pattern, which will run for 5 weeks on Tuesday evenings, and a parent and child workshop on March 1st. There will be the choice of making personalised bunting or an appliquéd cushion in the parent and child workshop. If you are interested in either of these courses, please check out the Calon Yarns website for more details.


4 thoughts on “Teaching and Learning

  1. How lovely to be passing on your skills. I think many potential seamstresses were put off sewing at a young age by the incredibly long boring sewing lessons they received at school.

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