Spread Your Wings and Craft


Perhaps some of you have already seen this awesome new blog? It’s the brain child of the fabulous Hannah from Made With Hugs and Kisses and is destined to be an excellent one-stop shop for all your crafting needs and tutorials.

And guess who she has asked to be a regular contributor? Little old me…and some other fantastic bloggers who you should definitely check out! I’ll be adding posts on many crafts from sewing, painting, jewellery making – and pretty much anything else I can try my hand at. Plus the other ladies will be sharing all of their skills too.

If you have heard of it, then well done for being at the forefront of this ground breaking news, and if this is the first you’ve heard, then lucky you – you have a lot to look forward to in checking out the blog in it’s very early days and being part of something so exciting.

The blog is designed to be a real crafting community with the emphasis being on content from as many people as possible. If you feel like you have any crafting tips or tutorials to offer, then head over to the blog and sent in your contributions.

I’m really looking forward to being part of a new crafting community and watching it grow! See you there!


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