Quick and Easy DIY book canvas


Remember this small canvas I did for my sewing room? Nope? Me neither. I never liked it so I hid it away behind my mannequins and pretended I was happy with it. Yes, the healthy and mature way to deal with things that you aren’t happy with in your life – hide them away.


Sorry, too deep and meaningful for a supposedly quick and simple post? I concur, so I’ll get back to business.

As I mentioned, I had this canvas, which I wasn’t happy with, I also have a Pinterest board of lots of canvas and general home inspiration ideas and I particularly wanted to try this one out.

I knew it wouldn’t do to use any old book around the house, so I bought a second hand copy of Anne of Green Gables – after all I could always use a piece of Avonlea in my sewing room.

The general construction was as simple as you might think. I tore out about 12 pages from the book. (Obviously the number you would need would depend on the size of the canvas and the pages). Then I slightly watered down some PVA glue to make it thinner and brushed it all over the canvas with a cheap old paintbrush. I stuck the pages down, overlapping the edges slightly and cutting sections for where the canvas sides were bare.


I went over the whole thing with a coat of the PVA mixture, just to make sure it was all stuck properly. Finally I printed another image from my Pinterest board, cut it out and stuck it in place.


I love it now – Avonlea and dresses – that is literally living the dream!!



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