A Plethora of Pleats


I made this dress before I started blogging and despite the fact that it’s one of my most frequently worn dresses, I’ve only just got around to actually blogging it.



I guess it’s probably more suited to being a summer dress, but with the addition of tights and a cardigan, it works well in the winter too. As seen here in mid December when climbing some more hills at my Mum’s house.


It did get chilly with bare arms!

It did get chilly with bare arms!

That's better

That’s better


I made the pattern myself for this dress. It’s pretty much just a basic vest shaped bodice, collar and rectangle gathered skirt. I thought I’d spice it up a bit with some plenty of pleats and pin tucks.


Top tip for pleating – I pleated the bodice fabric before cutting out and sewing the bodice. Basically it just required making sure that I had enough unpleased fabric on either side to reach from the dart to the side seam and I just had to make sure that the pleats fit between the darts.


When I cut the bodice on the fold, I had an extra semi-circular piece of pleated fabric, which I used to create a pocket.


I also decided that you can never have too many pleats so I added some around the hem – it just meant that I cut the skirt fabric about 6 inches longer than I usually do so that I could add 2 tucks.


This dress reminds me of pretty dresses I was always jealous of as a kid. Actually, scrap that, I am still jealous of them. Some of my favourite dress styles are classic girls’ dresses – kind of Victorian girl dresses. I wanted to make it a bit more modern so I added an exposed metal zip and I usually pair it with some contrasting accessories like this belt and earrings. The bodice and collar are lined in navy polyester to match the exposed zip on the back.


A LOT of measuring went into this dress! But it was all worth it – it’s now my favourite little girl grown up dress – I can feel like I’m playing dress up in a very presentable way!



13 thoughts on “A Plethora of Pleats

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    • Thanks, you can make it with any basic cut on fold borice block I’d think – you just pleat the fabric before you cut it all out. Then add a collar, pleat the hem and voila. Perhaps I should do a tutorial – then I’d get to make another one! x

  2. This is the prettiest homemade dress I have seen! I wish I was as talented to make one up myself, or that you used a pattern that I could go out and buy immediately, I love it! The pleats, the color, the exposed zipper, everything, it looks so nice on you, too! Well done!

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