Christmas is coming




and I don’t think it’s just the goose who’s getting fat around here. Let’s just say plenty of chocolates are being consumed at the moment.

This week I went on a Festive Fun course at Humble By Nature. There were 12 of us on the course and we all got to make a christmas table piece and a beautiful door wreath. The course was absolutely fantastic – great instructors, amazing resources and everyone came away with some beautiful items. Plus Catherine Gray, the very talented lady running the course, had prepared goody bags with resources to make a second mini wreath. So not only did we leave with our makes, but also with the inspiration to make more.





I’m still not sure that I’m completely in the festive mood, but this definitely helped (that and mulled wine this evening!).

table piece




Apologies for the crazy amount of pictures. There isn’t much to say about how I constructed the wreath or the candle piece. Well there could be a lovely tutorial if I had taken photos of the different stages, but I was far too engrossed. There are hundreds of different tutorials on you tube and even with the same instructions on the course, everyone’s final pieces turned out completely different so I don’t think there is a set way. The nice things about these ones is that the majority of the wreath was made from foraged things you could find right outside your door.

I hope you’re all finding time to prepare for the festive season. Is/ has anyone else making / made their own wreaths this year? I’d love to see them if you have! Tomorrow is Christmas Present and Decoration Making Day – yes it needs capitals so stay tuned for lots of Pinterest inspired goodies.




2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. I love your wreath!! It’s gorgeous. I “made” a wreath this year by sticking a bow on a store bought wreath… so not the same thing. I do love it though, something about a wreath on the door feels so festive!

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