If it ain’t broke …. you can still fix it

Or at least fix it up a little bit!

My lovely Mum is a very talented artist. She used to be a textile artist and made things like this amazing wall art in my living room (see photo below). However, now she makes (equally amazing) mixed media sculptures (also below). You can see more of her work here and here.

mums work

Anyway, I digress. As she no longer uses so much fabric, she let me have a rummage through her old stash and take whatever I wanted. And how could I possibly refuse that offer. Amongst the pieces I chose was this 5m bolt of teal organic cotton. I wasn’t too keen on the colour, but straight away knew how I could make it more interesting.

As soon as I got home I checked my dye drawer in the hopes of finding some kind of blue – wahoo, I was in luck. I gathered together the rest of my supplies (some string, an old tea towel to wipe up any dye and a plastic box – I use this to hold the dyed fabric when it comes out of the machine and also as my dye bath if I hand dye anything. It saves having a blue sink or bath for months).


From that point on it was just a case of experimenting. I wanted quite a neat tie dye effect so I folded the fabric numerous times until it was pretty much a roll.


After that I tied the string (very tightly) at intervals along the length. I think if I was to do this again I might tie more string to give a wider band. Then just for good measure, I tied the roll of fabric itself in a knot.

the tie part of the dye

I followed all the instructions on the pack for dying in the machine (and I can happily report that no subsequent washes were harmed in the making of this) and eagerly anticipated the results.

Et voila. It’s no longer organic I guess, but it now commands more of my love and admiration. Now I have to decide what to make with it. There’s plenty of fabric there. What do you guys think – what would you make with this?

the big reveal


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