Candle Creations

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a stupidly expensive candle (and justify it by saying how long it will last and how nice it will look as a feature on your table!) and then the wicks burn out within a few hours? No? Is it just my stinginess that angers me on these occasions?


Well anyway, it does frustrate me. So instead of moaning about it I decided to put my energy to good use and make a new crafting project for myself.

Fast forward a few ebay sessions and trips to Wilkinsons and I had all the equipment needed to make salvage my own candles. If you want to do the same thing it’s very easy to get all the materials:
1. old burnt down candles,
2. cheap saucepan (or one you don’t mind melting candle wax in)
3. wicks (I got these online)
4. some tupperware to use as a mould (I recommend thinner, more flexible pots rather than proper sturdy tupperware as they make it easier to pop the candle out). OR you could use any empty candle pots / glasses / bowls that you would like to fill with the wax.

attempt 1

Then it was simply a matter of breaking down the candle so it fit in a saucepan, melting it over a low heat and pouring into my moulds. I stood the wicks up with the help of some standard clothes pegs and balanced them on shot glasses (or anything that was a similar height to the mould). This balancing support was VERY useful as the first couple of times the pegs just fell in to the hot wax and then I had to fish them out and make a mess everywhere!



I had more wax than I needed for one big candle so I just filled lots of little ones too. Et voila – much less waste!


Top tip: I melted down a candle that had pine cones and scented pot pourri style things in. If you do the same, make sure that these bits are at the bottom of the candle as I had some pieces on top that caught fire – oops. Please don’t play with fire!!


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