A ‘vintage’ up-cycle or 2

Yes I have mostly stopped buying clothes, but during the summer holidays a friend of mine introduced me to the Cardiff Fashion Quarter. I’d never even heard of it, but it was full of an array of items. Some vintage, some more modern and some new. Not all of it was particularly tasteful or good quality, but there was some lovely furniture and some great vintage clothes.

One of the clothes rails was labelled ‘all vintage dresses £10’ so I had a little browse. And pulled out these two finds. I’m not entirely sure of their ‘vintage’ authenticity, but I bought them for the dresses themselves. I loved the fabric on both.


With the first I removed the shoulder pads and chopped off the sleeves. Then I hemmed the dress by 6 inches (I kept the fabric in the hem in case I want to remake it again one day). Then I used bias binding to finish the sleeves and just neatened up the collar edge. Lovely.


The second dress was just a case of hemming; although this was a bit trickier because of the stretch and movement in the fabric. I used a rolled hem – in truth because it was easier than measuring, ironing and pinning, but actually I love the fluted look it gives. I also sewed down the wrap part of the skirt so it doesn’t blow open.


Overall though I ended up with 2 very wearable dresses in a very short space of time. And I love them both.


20 thoughts on “A ‘vintage’ up-cycle or 2

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  2. Love both remakes! Nautical always seems to be in fashion. You did a great job, I wish I could find such cute dress to remake. Portland gets picked over pretty heavy, I usually am not the early bird! LOL

  3. Cute, I adore both dresses! I don’t think you need to restyle the nautical dress, the nautical theme is generally always in fashion! I think it would possibly depend on your shoes. Wearing it with the type of pumps air hostesses wear would ruin the look for instance.

  4. You make one cute flipping sailor.
    What colour cardigans are you trying? I think you need a really bright one to take away from the air steward vibe. Or try a white long sleeved tee underneath if you’re worried about being cold (might be a disaster but might look cool).

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