The FINAL canvas…for now

This one was more of a palava – partly due to the fact that we bought such a huge canvas – it’s nearly as tall as me! So everything we did used up loads of paint and took more time than usual. Add to this, the fact that we spent hours making up what we thought was going to look amazing and then realising it just didn’t suit the house, and you have a very full afternoon of painting.

Ok that was a rambly intro. Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (sorry, but it’s been too long since I referenced the sound of music!). Anywho… I digress. So, we have a lovely, light landing in our new house. It already had a beautiful wallhanging, made by my mum, but we wanted a huge canvas to fill up more of the space and be a striking feature.

My Mum's Beautiful Work

My Mum’s Beautiful Work

One quick trip to the shops later and we had this bad boy, which very nearly didn’t fit in the car. Our initial idea was to paint loads of bits of wood in different colours and stick them on with gaps between. Martin spent ages cutting planks of wood (our spare living room floor in case you’re wondering) and then we placed them down. It was awful. So bad that I didn’t even take photos.

Second plan, ‘ok we’ll paint some kind of background, tape off sections, paint them (some of them can still use wood) and then peel off the tape so you can see the background.’ A good few hours later this is what we had. And we kind of loved it and kind of hated it. Either way though it just didn’t match the décor we have in our house.

first version

Third times a charm. We pulled off the wood (trying not to rip the canvas at the same time) and literally smeared white paint over the whole thing. Then we sat in the kitchen and drank half a bottle of Cava 🙂 Miraculously we had a moment of creative inspiration. Out came the gold tester pot and some sponges and we covered the, still slightly wet, canvas. The wet paints blended in some places and gave it more texture.

painting over

A while back I’d bought some inks so we got them out and starting from the top, alternating colours, we dribbled them down the fabric. This was without doubt the most fun I’ve had making canvases (nothing to do with the cava, which we were getting through at quite a rate :-)). we had to try and direct the ink so that they didn’t all flow together. Then we took a break to drink more cava let the ink dry and then returned to do the same on the other side.

Here is what the grass and the canvas looked like when we had finished.

finished grass

And here is the canvas. We moved my mum’s wallhanging to the other side of the landing, where I actually prefer it, as you see it straight away now, and then used the existing hooks to hang up the canvas above the stairs. So long as it doesn’t drop in anyone’s heads as they’re walking underneath, then we should be fine.

above the stairs


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