“Oh just one more canvas then”…

…is a phrase, which in our house, can be heard on a seemingly daily basis at the moment. They are getting to be a new addiction – as in ‘oo look I can see some wall there…hmm better fill it with a canvas’. I’m not sure if there is a dedicated help group to support people with this problem, but if there is then sign me up please!

This one really was necessary though (isn’t that what all addicts say?) – the smallest bedroom / office / music room was pretty bland, in fact the only thing on the wall was this mirror, which just reflected back the blandness.

Ages ago I saw this photo and saved it to my computer – I’m not sure where I found it so please let me know if it’s your beautiful artwork and I will add in a link.


The colours were perfect for this room, so I popped back to Homebase for some more paint samples 🙂 and then set to work.

basic equipment

Here’s how to create your own in 4 easy steps:

1. Paint your background a skyish colour. I added some streaks of grey and white and darker blue while the paint was still wet so that I could blend them in.

painted sky

2. Get a sponge and dab on orange / gold / black around the corners, blending all together for desired sharing effect.


3. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a line at desired height – then use a thin brush to paint this black.
4. Print some pictures of birds (they need to have a clear outline), cut out and draw around them. Paint them black.

bird template

And that’s it folks. Now it’s ready to hang.


Doesn’t it look nice with the curtains and lampshade. Added bonus – it’s opposite the mirror so you can see it twice!


3 thoughts on ““Oh just one more canvas then”…

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