Yes I made a jersey pencil skirt…

Well I did warn you! Initially I had grand ambitions to make a pencil skirt sloper pattern based on my measurements…but then I remembered this post from Sleek Silhouette and decided to go down the easy/lazy more time efficient route. I did make a very basic pattern for this as Katy suggested, but even with that this was the simplest project I’ve ever made.


In fact, it reminded me of the clothes I used to hack up and make when I was a kid. i.e “oo look a nighty – I’ll cut it in half and obviously I’ll straight away be left with a really stylish top and skirt. Hmm why didn’t that work?” Yes there was a little bit more thought to this skirt, after making the initial pattern, I sewed together the 2 pieces of jersey. I then learnt that although I have very sturdy thighs and bum, my hips don’t go out as much as I’d curved on the pattern, so I just put the skirt on and pinned the side seams (a few times as I kept doing it too cautiously!) to make a smoother line.

Finally it came to hemming and making a ‘waistband’ and I got to use my new twin needle. It was love at first stitch! I was worried that it would be hard to set it up and adjust things, but it was literally a case of threading up 2 needles with 2 thread spools, rather than one. The 2 needles pick up the bobbin thread in a zig zag, which gives the stitching plenty of stretch.

neat twin needle

For the waistband I just turned over the top twice (an inch each time) and then sewed it down. I’ll probably wear it with a belt most of the time anyway. The hem was just turned up once.


Oops and then I made a maxi skirt – literally 2 A line shapes sewn together in exactly the same way – a very speedy project. In fact I started at 8am and by 9.23am I had the whole skirt! It’s VERY slim fitting, which makes me a bit nervous, but I’m telling myself to be ok with it.



I still want to make a proper pencil skirt with some woven fabric so watch this space for that.

9 thoughts on “Yes I made a jersey pencil skirt…

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    • You are so right – that’s exactly what it felt like. So much so that I’m now having to make a man’s shirt to balance out the work/skill level! Thanks for the idea though x

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