Weekend 1

Well good day to you all. I had a very productive weekend last weekend. I was home alone so I pretty much just knuckled down to it and whizzed up a few items.

Here’s number 1 of those things:


I used some fabric from the Birmingham Meet Up (I warn you – there’s a lot of fabric to get through so you’ll be hearing that phrase a lot!). It’s a very lightweight jersey with not much stretch or recovery, but the pattern I used had a zip so I didn’t need too much in the way of stretch. I tried out this Cynthia Rowley pattern I’ve wanted to make for ages.


NEARLY invisible side zip

NEARLY invisible side zip

The most notable things about this project are: 1) I timed myself and it took 5 hours including cutting out the pattern and making the whole thing. I think that’s pretty good going for making an entire dress. I did use my overlocker to serge some of the seams rather than sewing first and then overlocking. This is ok, but I don’t think my overlocker tension is right so even where the fabric isn’t under pressure, you can still see some of the stitching. 2) I don’t really rate this dress at all. But that’s ok. I’m still thinking about the potential to make sewing a business, so this can be added to my stockpile of clothes to maybe sell. Plus I learnt a bit more about sewing with my overlocker.


I enjoyed making most of it (apart from attaching the blasted neck yoke bit!!) and I do like the drape and pattern of the fabric, but altogether I just don’t think it suits me. I guess if I wanted to make it again I could raise the waistband and make it in a sturdier jersey. Or I could just move on and make one of the other patterns in my bountiful stash!


I’m sorry if you can sense my lack of enthusiasm in this post and even in my photos – maybe someone out there will love it though!


23 thoughts on “Weekend 1

  1. I think it’s cute!! I need to get that pattern next time there’s a simplicity sale! I actually have that navy cynthia rowley dress this pattern is based on and i like it alot, although i do have to wear an x-back bra or my straps show. i’d love to make my own in a printed fabric. hope you wear yours because it is really cute!

  2. The fabric is pretty 🙂 I read recently that you have to be careful about selling clothes made from sewing patterns. I was researching it recently and the copyright law is hazy at best. Everyone has different opinions, some saying that its allowed, as long as it’s not mass production. Others say that you have to buy a pattern for each customer. I researched until it made my head hurt!

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