Jewellery Organisation

I confess – I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature and over time I have built up quite a collection of earrings (and lots of other things alongside, but this post is mostly about the earrings!). However, I like to think that I’m quite a neat and organised person so I try to find interesting ways to arrange my stuff – organised clutter is my bag baby!

Currently this attention is being focussed on my earrings, which you probably already guessed. In the past I’ve always strung up some wire / ribbon / strings of sequins on the inside of my wardrobe and hung my earrings in there. The wood on our new wardrobes is far too hard to get the pins in so I had to find a different way to store my jewellery. (Since we’ve moved in it’s been in an old perfume box – making it a pain to ever find a pair.)


A quick search of the internet yielded this simple, but effective solution. All I needed was an old frame. Here are the steps I took to well-ordered junk:

1. Choose some photo frames. I didn’t have any, but I picked a couple up at a charity shop, I just chose ones with quite wide frames so I could attach ribbon to the back.


2. Take the backs and glass off the frame – I had to bend a few nails, but other than that it was quite simple.


3. Sand down the frames (I only did this on the wooden frame as the other was covered in some gold paper rather than paint).


4. Paint the frames however you desire. I mixed some of the sample pots 🙂 to make a purple that would go with the décor in the guest bedroom.


5. Once they were painted and dried I sanded down the frames again – you may have noticed that I like the more weathered look.

second sanding

6. Next I chose some ribbon to go across the backs. I tried a few ideas, but in the end I settled for a combination of pinks and purples.

7. I used drawing pins to attach the ribbon – my thumb is still throbbing from pushing so many in to the solid wood! The larger frame was for dangly earrings so spacing the ribbon out was a good idea so I could arrange earrings of different lengths easily. On the smaller frame that wasn’t such as issue as I was just planning to use that to display stud earrings.


8. Finally I hooked the earrings over the ribbon and pushed the studs through. Et voila!

organised clutter


As I was on a jewellery organising roll I also started tidying my bracelets by simply stacking them on an old lemonade bottle. I need another, thinner bottle for the stretchy ones, but for now they’re just on a ginger beer bottle and that can wait.

bracelet bottles


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