Home Decor – again

So – who knew – bigger houses have more walls than smaller flats. And they all needed filling. Hmm – to buy some expensive art or to go down the cheaper and more personal route? Well, that was an easy choice. We had this small canvas lying around and I wanted something else in my sewing room so I set to work transforming it. At first I was going to do something with paint splattering or just colour mixing like our others (here and here), but then I decided to be a bit more ambitious …and not necessarily with good results.

I started with a standard sketch of a vintage shape dress, but I didn’t want it to fill the whole thing. I wasn’t sure what to do with the empty corner…until I remembered Lauren’s post on The Thinking Closet. She had put a beautiful quote on a canvas, so I decided to do a similar thing on mine. I’m not fortunate enough to have a Silhouette maker, so I printed out the letters instead.

blank canvas

It then took a while to cut them all out neatly and glue them in place. I used Pritt stick to glue them down so that they would be easier to peel off later.

I started building up layers of paint for the background – yep you’ve guessed it, the paint sample pots were out again. It kind of glooped around the letters so I had to dab it on a bit rather than use brush strokes.


Then came the dress. This was pretty standard – I mixed some colours from the sample pots and used darker shades for the lines.


The best part of the process was peeling off the letters and seeing what lay underneath. I’m not entirely sure about the effect of the piece as a whole, but I love the lettering and for now I have got it up in my sewing room – but I might paint over it again one day. Maybe even with just a quote? What do you think?


The second, more simple project, was to up-cycle a mirror we were given a long time ago.

The dark wood didn’t go with anything, but we liked the gold on the inner edge and it was the perfect size for our smallest bedroom.

I sanded off the varnish and cleaned off all the dust.

sanding it down

Initially I was planning on painting it teal, but it was far too bright so I began the long process of mixing in a bit of pink here and a bit of yellow there until we ended up with this mauve / grey / blue. It was partly because I liked the colour and partly (mostly) because I couldn’t be bothered to mix any more, that I settled for this colour.

We painted it all on the frame – leaving the gold edging still showing.

adding the paint

Let it dry and then sanded it back to make it look more aged. It looks very nice in the room and reflects the light back in nicely.


Anyway I hope you like these pieces – anyone else got any tips for home decorating?


7 thoughts on “Home Decor – again

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