Simple Satisfaction

After making Beth’s dress and doing very little sewing for myself recently, I was desperate to make something quick and easy. I’ve had this fabric in my stash for ages. In fact I made and sold a dress from it a while ago and ever since I’ve known what I wanted to do with the rest…


It’s been so hot here that I wanted something light and airy. I knew the Collette Sorbetto pattern would be perfect and I had some poppy chiffon left that I’ve wanted to use for ages (although it made the simplest of tops slightly more complex).


Unfortunately I didn’t have quite enough to cut the front and back bodice on the fold so I used the selvedge instead for the centre fold. I knew it would be slightly visible through the chiffon and as the front already had the folded pleat I thought it would be less obvious. Hmm – working with chiffon just doesn’t work as you want it to – ever. So despite the fact that it sewed together nicely and I ironed it neatly, it was impossible to flatten out the centre fold evenly. Anyway I did it as best I could and I’m not too annoyed with the finished result.


It was a very quick project even with the handmade bias binding that I used to finish up the edges.


PS I also made the skirt a long time ago. It needs taking in now – yay, but I think I might just keep this as a loose version and try my hand at a slimmer pencil skirt sometime soon. Something more to add to the list!



9 thoughts on “Simple Satisfaction

  1. Love the fabric you used in the top. I hate sewing with chiffon, it is probably one of the hardest fabrics to sew and your top looks amazing!

  2. You can’t even notice the fold/selvage issues – so no worries there! It’s really cute and I love the print 🙂 I have that pattern on my to-do list (along with 101 other patterns LOL). Good job 🙂

    -Amy (

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