Out of the loop

The more observant of you (read: those with too much time on their hands!) may have noticed that I have been missing from my blog for a while. It is mostly due to the fact that I have just moved house … and that we haven’t had internet for OVER SIX WEEKS!! (in fact – it was due to be sorted today, but they’ve messed up AGAIN – so for now I’m tethering it from my phone). It’s been torturous. I’ve really missed my blog.

So anyway, I thought I’d do a quick post to show you a little bit of our house and what we’ve been doing.

To start with here’s a little tour of our nest.

So “Welcome, come on in and please take off your shoes (new carpet you see!)” It’s a brand new build and we chose it because we can keep adding our own stamp the longer we live in it. At the moment, we’ve painted a few rooms and put in all our furniture and some art…and we’re already in love with it! I’m sure I’ll show you more over time.

dining rom
sewing room

One of our DIY / craft projects was to create another canvas for our hallway. We initially started by painting a canvas in a sage green, which was an option for the kitchen at one point – watch out, many tester pots may pop up in this post!

initial stages

Then we unpeeled the paper from many a wax crayon and stuck them in a row along the top edge. We used a hairdryer to try and melt the crayons…and realised that this wasn’t going to be a quick and easy project. I’m pretty sure that crayons these days aren’t actually made from wax. Some melted, some did not and lots mulched into weird blobs and unattractive brown shades. Plus the colour didn’t reach down the whole canvas.

The trusty tester pots came out again and we added a few drips to the other end of the canvas. This was much more attractive and so we went a bit crazy and just layered up the paint a few times – in fact so much so that it completely covered the wax, but fear not, the hours spent using the hairdryer were not wasted as the melted globules add more texture and make it look more authentically like oil paints. Or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself anyway!

finished product

Here’s the finished product – looks perfect in the hall and because we used all the testers from the house, it matches very nicely.


6 thoughts on “Out of the loop

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  3. Looks GORGEOUS! Such talent, such style! I wish you only happy times and good health to enjoy it together for many years. Love from Kas

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