Oh Sandy!

Look at me I’m sa-an-ding, lousy with the pa-aint fumes! Sung to the tune of ‘Sandradee’ obviously. Seriously though I think it’s either paint fumes that have gone to my head or the fact that I’m spending my half term cooped up in the house writing my pupils’ reports. May and June are cuh-ray-zee months this year…Hawaii, reports (the fact that I’ve mentioned them twice in as many sentences is just testament to the fact that they are taking over my life!) and we’re moving house very soon. I’m so excited about the move, but it does mean that I haven’t had much chance to be creative. So today I took a quick break from work to do a very easy and satisfying upcycle of some frames.

I’m sure you’ve all thought of this idea before, but it’s killing me not doing anything crafty at the moment (and not having anything to blog about) so damn it, I’ll share even the simplest make!

Oh and the inspiration for the name of this post (and hence the singing) comes from the fact that this project involved sandpaper. There was sanding of the frames as well as unfortunately of my nails :-(.

Project 1. I’ve had this frame for about 8 years and it’s always just been a boring mirror. I never really thought anything of it until we came to buy our house and now that I’m packing, I wanted to make sure that everything is pretty and as spruced up as can be. So I got out my trusty paint samples (when we first decided to move I went a little crazy and bought dozens of these handy little things – see also this post), cleaned the frame, painted the whole thing with 2 coats of paint, let it dry and then sanded it down with sandpaper. (Photo at the top). Obviously the more prominent areas and corners were worn away most, which gave it this lovely vintage look. I’m very pleased with the update and now it matches lots of things in the house. Don’t worry, when we move in I’ll show you ‘on location’ shots of the items in use!

mirror finished

Project 2. There’s not much more to say about this one. It started life as a simple, but plain silver frame. I wanted a bit more colour. So I painted it fuchsia as a base and then teal on top (again, both tester pots). Then I sanded away the teal to reveal some of the fuchsia underneath.

picture frame
finished frame

I’d like to do some geometric / stripe frame with these 2 colours and another of these frames that I have. Any ideas on what design I could go for, bearing in mind that the actual frame is quite thin? Hope you like these and I can’t wait to show you them when we finally move in!


4 thoughts on “Oh Sandy!

    • Thanks – and you should go for it. It was very simple and all the parts were very cheap – I see mirrors in charity shops that are nicer than this to start with! x

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