I should have signed up for Me Made May :(

As you may have guessed, I have just been to Hawaii for a week. It was a long old schlep to get there, but very much worth it for the weather and the amazing sights. While I was there I wore a lot of my own makes. In fact I should have signed up for Me Made May – I decided not to as I thought it would be hard on holiday and yet I wore more of my own clothes than usual! Oh well, I can still share with you a collection of my own makes, some purchased outfits and basically some photos of an amazing trip with a very busy itinerary! Hope you enjoy!

Day 1 in Honolulu. We went on an island tour and it rained. A lot! But it was still great fun to see all the sights and get to know the location. By 5pm I was pretty tired (the 11 hour time difference may have had something to do with it) so there are no evening photos from day 1.

Day 1 in Oahu. Nothing Me Made, but my cardigan  matched the leaves everywhere!

Day 1 in Oahu. Nothing Me Made, but my cardigan matched the leaves everywhere!

Day 2 I spent the morning at the swimming pool while Martin was in the conference. (Hard life!) Then we explored the Iolani palace and took photos of my dress, which you’ve already seen. Went to a Luau in the evening which was great – saw some amazing Polynesian dancing (I’m not sure that moving your hips like should be allowed though :-)) and had some yummy food, plus there was a beautiful sunset and fireworks to finish the evening!

day 2

Day 3 Today I tasted Shaved Ice (yes the capitals were necessary) and it was go-ood! We had walked a long way in some intense heat and it was so refreshing to sample frozen, sugary goodness. We looked at Waikiki beach briefly, but despite all the positive things we heard, we actually preferred the quieter beaches we’d seen around the island. They were the only ones that compared favourably with West Wales and the Gower on a sunny day (yes there is some bias here!).

I wore this dress in the day and this one in the evening (although I’ve up-cycled this one since I posted it originally) for a yummy and very entertaining meal in Benihana’s – very impressed with the chefs slicing and dicing skills. The live cooking was just as much of an experience as the food!

day 3

Day 4 After a long delayed flight from Honolulu to Maui (seriously do NOT fly with Go! airlines – just read the reviews!!) we decided to crack straight on with enjoying this next island. Getting used to an automatic hire car was the first adventure and then we made the slow and windy ascent up Haleakala volcano. The drive, which was 13 miles as the crow flies, took 2 and a half hours and included (but was not limited to) many many bends in the road, indigenous geese nearly becoming road kill, very low and waterlogged clouds making visibility near impossible, some altitude sickness / pure dizziness from the road itself and then the feeling of elation as the clouds cleared and we were on top of the world. We stopped at about 9000ft at first to have a little wander around and were surprised by how mild it was. Admittedly there was quite a breeze, but we had packed full on winter gear, which now didn’t seem necessary. At this point we realised just how high we must be as we looked down on some clouds, tried to climb some steps and immediately had to go back down as we felt sick and fully exerted. So instead we drove up the remaining 1000ft and decided to take it easy while we waited for the sunset. Aha – here is where we needed those layers! As soon as the sun began moving further west we pulled out the gloves, scarves, coats etc. I even had earmuffs and tights (yes I rocked the Jesus socks and sandals look) and it was still bracing. Oh so worth it though to watch the sun light up the sky in so many glorious colours. The drive back was then comparably easy, the clouds had lifted and as everyone left in a convoy we were able to follow car lights easily. It was then time for a very good night’s sleep!

Oo and I wore this skirt.

day 4

Day 5 Not content with visiting the highest point of the island, we decided we wanted to explore the lower ground as well. So obviously we went on a submarine! Saw a shark, lots of fishies and a sunken ship as an artificial reef. That was great fun and then we explored Lahaina, which was a very pretty seaside town and had the most stunning Banyan tree. As it was our last night we went for dinner at The Four Seasons (!!) and it was well worth the expense. We took photos (in the blue polka dot dress) to prove we actually went somewhere so classy.

During this day I wore this dress, which now needs taking in, but I liked it with the belt.

day 5

Day 6 – our last day 😦 We had to check out of our hotel and get an afternoon flight so there are no exciting photos here. Just spent the morning by the beach and pool and did the typical British thing of burning on the last day of holiday. Which made for a very uncomfortable journey home (all 34 hours of it – seriously don’t fly with Go! They added an extra 4 hours of delay time!) It was surprisingly nice to be back on solid ground in the UK, but I’m not too impressed with this weather. For all it’s worth though, travelling is great, Hawaii was amazing, I’m inspired to visit more places so far afield, but oh I do love good old blighty.

I hope you all have some lovely holiday plans wherever and whenever they may be and I look forward to hearing about them.

8 thoughts on “I should have signed up for Me Made May :(

  1. Your whole trip looks fantastic, but that journey up the volcano is incredible! 10,000 ft. must feel really high when you’re on an island.

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