Sometimes it just doesn’t work

Here’s to sharing projects which are less favourable, as well as those dream makes. I have to admit that this skirt put me in a bit of a sewing funk. I can’t really see myself wearing it, but there are some aspects I like and I can try styling it up in different ways. I wanted to share it with you anyway – not just for the skirt itself, but also because the sun was shining so much that I could take my tights and cardigan off (albeit for 20 minutes only) and not freeze to death. Sunshine = photo op in my opinion, so with a light-hearted Friday evening feeling, we headed around the corner to take photos in the lovely park. After which we settled down to a Mad Men marathon. We’re still trying to catch up with the telly and are currently watching the final episode of season 4!! I hope you’re all having as fun an evening as mine and at least I can take comfort in the fact that even though the skirt doesn’t bring me much joy, Don and the gang certainly do!


Look - matching flowers!

Look – matching flowers!

Ok, it's not that warm yet - where's my scarf?

Ok, it’s not that warm yet – where’s my scarf?

Part of the problem was that I wanted this to be a very flowy chiffon skirt, but I ordered the chiffon online and it doesn’t have any weight to it. This makes it puff out on the hips – which is not particularly flattering and it also makes the static chiffon very clingy to the lining.


However, I do like the lace trim sandwiched in the waistband and the button and button loop at the top. Small, but pleasant saving graces! I guess I could take it apart, but I’m loathe to do that as it took so damn long to work that chiffon!


Anyway – I’m hoping to have a much nicer project to show you soon – as I mentioned in my previous post. Hope you’ve all got lovely plans for the weekend.


14 thoughts on “Sometimes it just doesn’t work

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you aren’t totally happy with it, as it is such a great color, and the lace detail is perfect. The weighting idea is great, let us know if that works!

  2. You are very brave to be dresses so summery, I am still in the midst of the ‘Do I risk not wearing tights’ debate šŸ˜€
    You look lovely though and I am sure you will find you wear the skirt more than you think šŸ˜€

    • Don’t worry I rushed straight home to put tights on again. Apparently it’s supposed to reach 14 degrees in Cardiff this week. Big woop lol. It’s nearly MAY!! Thanks for the comment though and fingers crossed it will eventually warm up! xxx

  3. Its a beautiful colour and style. I can understand your disappointment with it not turning out as you had anticipated.

    Have you thought about weighting the chiffon hem, maybe with some braid or lace, or dress weights? MacCulloch and Wallis do different weights for hems Another idea might be to thread some piping cord through the hem.

    I’ve been told that placing garments in the freezer for a few days helps with static, but I’ve not tried it myself.

    • I’m definitely going to look in to this weighting idea. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I could actually do that, even though I kept thinking ‘I wish I could hold the hem down a bit’ lol. Thanks for the tip! x

  4. It’s a bit radical… but maybe embellishing it with slightly weighty things would help? It would change from being clean lines to slightly busier, but it might add a bit more weight. Maybe like beads or something? If you use small beads it shouldn’t affect the drape too badly, but add a bit of weight to the whole thing…

    Or if you’re feeling brave you could turn it into one of those puff ball skirt things. (Every skirt like that I’ve ever bought I’ve unpicked the hem and modified because it just doesn’t suit me, but everyone’s different!)Then it wouldn’t matter that it puffs out a bit.

    I’m mostly thinking of crazy solutions because I hate it when I make something that doesn’t work out the way I wanted… It feels so wasteful! It’d be so sad for it to live in the bottom of a wardrobe forever… I bet you’ll find a friend that thinks it’s exactly what they need and will take it off your hands!

  5. Which fabric did you use to line it? If you use a cotton as lining it shouldn’t cling, probably the lining in this skirt is synthetic? I love the skirt but I can also see the problem. Clothes have to nice to wear.

    • I think it must be something synthetic. It’s quite weighty and drapes very nicely, but definitely not completely au natural. Plus I don’t believe the chiffon is real – it feels a bit cheap too, so not a winner overall lol x

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