A New Dress and a Confession

Right, do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll start with the bad so that we can end on a happy note 🙂 (clears throat) So basically I broke my stash busting pledge. I bought the fabric for this dress. I would hang my head in shame, but actually when you delve a bit deeper, it isn’t the worst law break ever. I have been sticking to my current stash since I vowed to – my last 8 or so projects have been from existing stock or re-fashioned garments made by me, so surely one little slip up isn’t that bad. PLUS the fabric is from a second hand pair of curtains – huge things with the colourful floral print on top and the plain blue underneath – all for £3!! I’m sure you can understand how I just couldn’t resist them. There’s so much fabric that they may well go to a few projects in the future, but for now I wanted to turn them into an altered version of Vogue V1102.

I’ve made this dress before here and here so I knew I needed a lot of fabric for the skirt, wanted to make the back less exposed and lower the neckline.

I always make the lining first – it’s almost like making a muslin, but I know I’ll use it to make the dress look more professional. Win, win. This was a blessing as heightening the back meant that it didn’t close all the way up, so I added a triangle piece and altered the pattern accordingly. Now it fits like a dream.




I’m torn about this dress. Things I love: the shape, the piping, the low back (although I guess that comes in to the shape), the vintage look and feel when I wear it, the fact that it will be perfect in Hawaii. Not so sure on: the front neckline, the narrowness of the back straps, the fabric.








I can fly!

I can fly!




I also painted my nails using this technique .



Nicola had pretty nails too!

Nicola had pretty nails too!

We went out for my birthday dinner tonight, which was delicious and this dress allowed for plenty of food baby growth – definite bonus.



Nicola’s dress was made by me too.










15 thoughts on “A New Dress and a Confession

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  2. Hi, lovely dress. Thinking of making something similar with a full skirt. How much fabric did you use for yours? Many thanks, Miriam

    • Hello and thank you! I think I used under 2 ,etres so I’m sure 2m would be plenty, but it really depends on how full you want the skirt to be! Looking forward to seeing what you do! Xxx

  3. It’s really cute! I love dresses with low backs. The skirt has such a nice shape to it. The dress you made for your friend is adorable, too. Turquoise and purple is one of my favorite color combos. Glad you had such a lovely birthday!

  4. Another gorgeous creation hun, I really like the way you added in that triangle piece to solve the fitting issue. clever! I can see you have made a new friend (Lauren above!) glad I have helped introduce you two 😀 xxx

  5. That dress is absolutely stunning on you…well worth breaking your stash-busting rule. And I love your nails…can you do mine? 😉 Happy to be visiting here for the first time thanks to Hannah from Made with Hugs & Kisses. I’m also going to be guest posting for her sewing organization series, and thought I’d stop by to visit y’all’s blogs. You have a beautiful space, and I’m sure I could learn a lot from you. (I’m merely a beginner sewist…but I dream of the day when I can make a dress of my own.)

    The Thinking Closet

    • Thank you! Sure, hop on over and we’ll have a manicure and sewing session! I just followed your blog too, loving all the tutorials you have there…watch this space for some inspired wall art 🙂 x

      • Thanks for the follow, Lara! And a mani and sewing party sounds like a blast. And glad you found some inspiration during your visit to my lil blog. I WILL keep my eye out for some wall art here at Dreaming of Avonlea! 😉

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