An option for Hawaii

Disclosure – I promise that this will be a much shorter, more simple post than the last one!

So, I have tonsillitis today and although I feel absolutely fine, my Mum told me I have to relax. However, I’m not very good at just sitting still so I found an easy project to complete. This dress was all cut out and gathered already so all that needed doing was sewing it together – a total of 4 seams and a hem. I french seamed all the insides so I guess it was actually 8 seams and a hem! All in all it was about an hours work and definitely not stressful. The original pattern is Dixie DIY’s Two Piece Tunic lengthened and with a 3rd piece at the back (which I slightly regret)


It’s not my favourite dress ever, but it will be perfect to put on over a swimsuit in Hawaii.


Positives: The drape of the fabric, the hem – I did a rolled hem and pulled the fabric a bit so it twists slightly and adds a bit more shape, the bias binding around the neckline and sleeves, the shape of the sleeves.


Negatives: the way the gathers on the back make my back look all lumpy and odd, possibly the length is a bit too short.


Anyway, it could also be worn as a t-shirt under a skirt as the fabric is light enough. This only occurred to me after I took my make-up off, so photos had to be on the mannequin.



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