Working through my list – one stashbuster at a time!

I’m so proud of myself recently – I have been into at least 3 fabric/ haberdashery / second hand stores recently and (despite stroking and cooing over some beautiful fabrics / notions / patterns etc.) I have purged the urge to splurge (a little bit of rhyming never hurt anyone right?).

So here is my latest project which is; a) using up my stash, b) working through my half term list and c) fulfils a number of the resolutions I made for my Sew for Enjoyment pledge. Hopefully it will be perfect for Hawaii.

Can you tell I’m trying to look summery in these photos – hence the indoor images – I would have been a lovely shade of blue if we had ventured outside!

Oops - let's move photo position -  unintentional camouflage situation!

Oops – let’s move photo position – unintentional camouflage situation!

Photos work better here

Photos work better here





I used this free pattern that I found on Burdastyle. It was really easy to follow although I would have liked a size chart – I just cut it based on my waist measurements and then realised that the lining was too tight on my hips so I had to add a panel. Luckily this was in the lining not the outer fabric, so it’s not very obvious.

I actually quite like the shape the panels make

I actually quite like the shape the panels make

Slightly shorter lining

Slightly shorter lining

On top of that and out of sheer laziness, I would have liked actual pattern pieces for the skirt so I didn’t have to do all the measuring. Apart from that it was clear to follow and a fairly simple project…

…Or it would have been if I liked working with really soft, slippery, light, easily frayable fabrics. This fabric is beautiful, silk chiffon, but it was a pain in the butt to work with. The lining wasn’t much better, it’s also very drapey, but has a nice weight to it. I finished all the insides with french seams so it looks nice and neat inside. There was a lot of stress involved in this project. Not the least of which came when I ironed a hole near the hem 😦 Any tips on how I could fix it? I’ve left it for now as it’s not very noticeable (the busy print and gathered fabric help), but it isn’t ideal. Luckily it won’t fray any more as I well and truly singed it – I’m not sure whether I want to risk a patch or if it will alter the way it drapes near the hem.



I put in an invisible zip, but followed my own method rather than the pattern. Then fastened the top with a button and a loop – I think it’s my new favourite way to finish that top edge (I added one to my last dress too)!


I plan to make this in a navy / midnight blue silk chiffon I also have in my stash. Although I think I need to wait a while so I can trick myself into forgetting what a nightmare chiffon is!.


12 thoughts on “Working through my list – one stashbuster at a time!

  1. gorgeous skirt – good job you are jetting off somewhere warm soon so it will get some use! 😀
    As for the hole – if it isn’t really noticeable and won’t fray you might be best just leaving it. Otherwise you could just try and hand stitch it so it is closed over a little, but that depends on how big the hole is.
    Great job though 😀 xXx

    • Thanks – I think I would have had a long time waiting if I’d waited for warm weather here! Yeah, I think I might leave it, because it’s quite small and the fabric is so delicate, I think anything else I do to it will make it more obvious xxx

  2. I like what you did. The skirt falls nicely. Great job on the invisible zipper. I still have to try doing them. I find that I always revert back to the old-fashion zippers (with the flap). That’s what I learned and it must be my comfort because I have no problem whipping out the zippers using that method. I like the way way you conquered the lining problem. A lined skirt is really the way to go. Did you use stabilizer in the waistband?

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