A Tartan Focus on Enjoyment


I’m sure many of you will understand the joy I have bringing this latest post and project to my blog. 1. because it fits perfectly with my latest post on Stashbusting (albeit not knowingly as I finished the skirt before signing up to the cause!) 2. because it’s the first project I’ve made using my new Sew for Enjoyment resewlutions and 3. because I think the Constance going Blair Waldorf would love this!

This skirt ticked so many things on that list;
1. Sew more separates – check.
2. Pay attention to quality of fabrics – luckily this does although I already had it in my stash – hence the above link – so check.
3. Take my time with each project – definitely check. I started this last Sunday and seeing as it’s a circle skirt I could have made it in a day, however I wanted to experiment with taking my time and trying different techniques. I added more detail and tried to finish it professionally. In fact I spent about half an hour every night on it and stopped as soon as something went wrong or I was starting to rush. That way, when I came back to it the next day I was fresh minded about it and didn’t mind altering what I already had. It was a much more relaxing way of sewing!
4. Try to make season appropriate clothes – check – a very suitable winter skirt, which I can wear without tights into the spring.
5. Learn / try a new finishing technique – check – I think the thing I love most about this skirt is the fact that you can’t see any seams on the zip (I’ll do a tutorial for this soon). It did involve a lot of twisting fabrics and head scratching until I worked out which way round everything had to face, but it was so worth it!



Here’s just a bit of info about the general designing and construction if you’re interested. What really helped with this project was making a very comprehensive list with each step so that I could tick things off as I went. I do like to check my progression – must be the teacher in me.

I started with a mini mood board and my sketch…



Then instead of making a one piece circle skirt and sewing lace over the top, I decided to follow my new resolutions and take more time and therefore pride in my projects. So I cut out a short circle skirt and a section to go at the hem and made sure I had enough lace to go around. If only it had been that simple – there were a few different lace options, all of which I painstakingly pinned in to place before realising that I was about 20cm short – grr. I think it worked out for the best in the end though. I love the subtlety of the black lace and where you can see the cream lining showing through.




Then I cut out my other pieces – waistband and waistband facing (2 of the same out of the main fabric as I wanted it self faced and the lining for the skirt – just a simple half circle skirt. Simples.
Before sewing anything together I overlocked the edges that would be exposed so that when it came to sewing it would be a smoother process. Then I began the sewing.
First the skirt sections – main skirt to lace and lace to hem section.
Next I sewed the waistband together at the top edge and then attached the waistband to the skirt with right sides together and facing still left loose. I then attached the lining to the facing side of the waistband in the same way. i.e. right sides together and main fabric left loose.
After that I attached my label and buttons so that all the stitching would be encased in the waistband when I came to sewing it together.


Then came the tricky bit – sewing in the zip. (I’ll do a detailed post about this later in case anyone’s interested.) Followed by the relatively simple; closing the seams, ditch stitching at the base of the waistband to sew both parts together and then hemming the skirt and the lining (the lining is about an inch shorter than the skirt).

I know that’s an awful lot of detail that probably isn’t needed for such a simple skirt. The final garment is by no means perfect, but I’m just so pleased with the outcome thanks to Sew for Enjoyment, that I wanted to share every step. I promise my next project post won’t be as full of waffle! Here are some photos to give you a break from reading.







Please let me know what you think and whether you ever have projects that you are so pleased with that you want to bore everyone with every last detail – believe me a lot of my friends glazed over when I started talking about this!

Oo before I go, does anyone have any tips for how to sew straight lace onto a circle skirt? I think that the skirt hangs a bit awkwardly because some of the skirt is on the bias and the lace doesn’t curve with it.

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