What would Blair wear? Hawaii Here I Come

Argh, just found out I’m going to Hawaii in May!! Martin is speaking at a conference there and I’m allowed to take some unpaid leave and go and join him for a week. I’ve never been quite so far away from home! Sooo excited!! (Although on a side note, slightly less thrilled about the very long haul flight all on my own – tempted to get an e-reader like a kindle or a kobo – any opinions on those?)

First things first though, I need some advice, what do I pack, what do I wear, what do I need to make? Any tips on what it’s like there would be much appreciated. I love Blair Waldorf – how would she style up Hawaii chic?!

I’ve been making some inspiration collages of things I like, but I don’t really know what to expect whether and style wise so would love any advice.

CollageImage Blue

CollageImage brights

CollageImage full skirts

CollageImage maxi 2

CollageImage summer dress styles



Don’t judge, but 2 of my favourite parts of holidays are: packing and coming up with activities and itineraries for our visit. Basically they both involve me making lists and I LOVE making lists! I just know that the earlier I start thinking about what to wear and take, the more I can make myself rather than having to buy things. It would be really nice if I could use things again in the UK although I can’t imagine it ever getting warm here again.

NB. If you happen to stumble across my blog and see a photo of yours, please let me know and I will link or credit it, lots of these photos came from images I’ve saved over time and I’m not sure where I got them all from. And of course let me know if you’re not happy that they’re up.

5 thoughts on “What would Blair wear? Hawaii Here I Come

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  2. I think the first thing to consider is which island. Honolulu/Oahu tends to be dressier than anywhere else, but Hawaii is very, very, very casual. Another thing to consider is activities. Down on the beach is humid/hot, but the higher elevations are cool, especially at night. Expect rain, and carry a light rain coat.
    You’ll want loose clothing that can be dressed up or down. Maybe a couple of sun dresses and a sweater? You’ll also want something to hike in if you are doing any outdoors activities. If you are going to the volcano expect temperate rain forest – 60 degrees and raining.. I like to wear a pair of technical hiking pants that can roll up into capris. I also like good hiking shoes for the very, very, very sharp new lava. I’ll also bring my fleece jacket for under my rain coat. You’ll want hiking shoes with a good tread on them, because the volcanic soils can be slippery.

    If you have a smartphone you can download a free Kindle e-reader and transfer your kindle books.

    For long flights I like my travel comfort pack:

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