The Obligatory Snow Day Post and an Updated Dress

Wahoo, snow day – means I have time for yet another weekday post! This is just a quick one to show some photos we took with our new camera and some new photos of a dress I made ages ago.

Recently I’ve been trying to redo my existing wardrobe so that I get more wear from my dresses. I have lots that I only wear occasionally or don’t really like on, and they all seem easily fixable. I find it much more satisfying to alter dresses ages after I’ve made them rather than straight away – that way it’s like you’ve made 2 dresses (but the second version is usually much quicker) and it feels like something new!

Here’s just one of the dresses I’ve changed – I won’t show all of them, but seeing as we had snow I thought I might get a few nice photos.

This photo links to the original project on Burda Style. To edit it I took apart the bodice from the skirt, removed the waistband so that the bodice is shorter and sits better now, and removed the buttons – they made it look even more clown like than it does already. Plus I changed the pleats from narrow box pleats to large pleats with inverted ones at the centre front. Simples!


Here are some photos of the new dress and the snow – it was much prettier at 8am, but by the time I’d been in to school and then sent home again (don’t ask) the ground was already quite trampled. Still gotta love it though!

DSC00527 DSC00531 DSC00533 DSC00534 DSC00538 DSC00540 DSC00543 DSC00545

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!

2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Snow Day Post and an Updated Dress

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  2. This dress! Oh my gosh I’m in love, that fabric is lovely. I definitely love the larger pleats too, it makes it look super professional looking. I would never have guessed that you had made that!

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