A reversible start to the New Year!

A reversible start to the New Year!

This dress has been in my mind, on the tip of my tongue for a long time. At least I’ve had some ideas to make a reversible dress and to use tie-dye in a dress for ages. As the title suggests it came together finally thanks to two notions I’ve had in my stack for a while, but never thought to combine.

Once upon a time I bought a reversible zip, but then couldn’t decide how to make the most of it in a simple dress. On a separate occasion I also bought this collar, but never used it as I couldn’t decide if I liked the plain black (wrong) side or the chain embellished side….It foolishly never struck me to combine the two, until I was doodling in my sketchbook and had something of a revelation.

I rushed to my fabric and dye stash and found this purple/blue/silvery fabric which I loved against the black for a posh dress. I also had some really soft cream cotton which was a bit discoloured from when I first washed it with other fabrics, so I knew it would be perfect to tie dye. I basically knotted the whole piece of fabric and dunked it in some navy dye, left it for 10 mins or so and then rinsed out so that there’s still more cream than blue – I wanted quite a contrast between both sides. Anyway, once that was all done I made a pattern to fit around the collar and away I went!

It’s basically 2 separate dresses attached around the neckline and armholes and with a reversible zip sandwiched in the center back. The block colour version has a gathered rectangle for the skirt and the tie-dye has a full circle skirt. The blue hangs slightly below the circle skirt.

I’m going to wear the block colour side to see Phantom of the Opera at the theatre tomorrow! So excited! Happy New Year all! Click on the main photo to go to my Burda Page and see more photos. (I’m sure soon, I’ll be directing you the other way.)

First project of 2013


5 thoughts on “A reversible start to the New Year!

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  2. Aaaargh I’m so pleased you have created a blog! Go you! and thank you for the follow, it is very willingly returned 😀

    I think you made a good choice going with WordPress, I haven’t had any problems with them and once you get to grips with it all, it really is rather simple. Loving your background btw.

    I think you are going to feel right at home in the blogging world. Obviously frequent blogging is always great and it keeps readers interested and views high, but don’t do what I did and post everything within the space of my first month then panic that I had ran out of creations to write about! Lol. Best thing is to plan ahead and pace yourself, do lots of searching for other blogs, comment and follow, just get conversations going with people and everything will soon fall into place. I have struggled to find the time to put into my blog previously but this last month I have been so dedicated and it is really paying off, I am getting to know so many lovely ladies and am really inspired to make lots of new things.

    Looking forward to following along with your creations and blogging journey – soeak soon

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