Personality Style Challenge

I’m sorry to have to mention it to you guys, but Christmas is in SEVEN SLEEPS!

Now I’m sure that there will have been one of 2 reactions to that statement. 1. “…….” (insert own expletive here) or 2. “Yay, I’m so excited! Bring it on.”

I know, I know, it can be a stressful time – a lot of pressure to get all the gifts, prepare all the food and so much more…. but on the flip side, there are the parties and socialising and that’s what this post leads to.

Brilliant Earth recently contacted me and asked me to create a post for their personality style challenge. I nearly discarded the email completely, but after having a look at the website, I was impressed with their ethical stance on diamonds and the elegant jewellery they had on offer. I looked closely at the jewellery images they sent and my eyes immediately flew to these pieces…of course they aren’t from the same collection, but who really fits one category in fashion?!

brilliant earth jewellery

Ring, Necklace, Earrings

Actually I think it’s really hard to define your style sense as it’s constantly changing, but if I had to describe mine in 3 words, I’d say ‘feminine, vintage and ‘whatever I feel like at that moment”. Ok that’s more than 3 words, but you get the idea.


I’d love to pair this jewellery with this dress, which is for sale on my Etsy shop. I like to think that this outfit would be a combination of classic vintage, but that the minimalist necklace and the funky print of the dress would make it much more modern and fun.



What do you think? Would you wear these items together? Do you think you could describe your style in one category? Go on – have a go in 3 words!

NB I have not received any compensation for this post and everything you see here is my own opinion.

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